Photos On Cavafy




Body, remember not only how much you were loved,
Not only the beds upon which you lay,
But those desires too that glowed for you
openly in their eyes
and their voices that trembled for you-that only
some chance obstacle cancelled them.
Now that all is safely in the past,
it almost feels as if you gave yourself
fully to those desires-as they glowed,
remember, the eyes that devoured you;
the voices, trembling for you, remember, body.
Theory of the Nude B/W, 112p, 31x25cm, duotone + varnish, hard cover, $50 included postage.
For a definition of the NUDE Colour and B/W, 48p, 28x24cm, hard cover, US $45 included postage.
Periorasis B/W, 80p, 33x25cm, duotone + varnish, paper cover, US $35 included postage.
shades_thmb Shades Of Love 170 large pages, 31x26 cm, thick cloth binding and a dust jacket. €60 + postage
Another Narcissus Book by Dimitris Yeros Another Narcissus cloth-bound 44-page book, in a 11”x8.25” format. US$ 25,00