Photos On Cavafy




He can’t be more than twenty-two.
And yet I’m sure that almost as many years ago,
I enjoyed that selfsame body.
It has nothing to do with passion’s fervor.
And I’ve only just arrived at the casino;
I’ve not had time to drink too much.
I enjoyed I did that selfsame body.
And even if I can’t recall where
my memory lapse means nothing.
There, now that he’s sitting at the next table
I recognize his every movement
and beneath his clothes I can see again
the naked limbs I loved.
Theory of the Nude B/W, 112p, 31x25cm, duotone + varnish, hard cover, $50 included postage.
For a definition of the NUDE Colour and B/W, 48p, 28x24cm, hard cover, US $45 included postage.
Periorasis B/W, 80p, 33x25cm, duotone + varnish, paper cover, US $35 included postage.
shades_thmb Shades Of Love 170 large pages, 31x26 cm, thick cloth binding and a dust jacket. €60 + postage
Another Narcissus Book by Dimitris Yeros Another Narcissus cloth-bound 44-page book, in a 11”x8.25” format. US$ 25,00